Food Plant Floor Coatings

Food Processing Floor Coatings

Solutions for Food Prep & Processing Facilities

Food plant floor coatings are critical. Unprotected floors in a food processing facility can lead to slips, bacteria growth, and areas that are impossible to clean. Unlike other industries, food prep and processing facilities are exposed to a variety of contaminants that can cause major damage to concrete. Because of the corrosive nature of the materials used in food processing facilities, unprotected concrete is vulnerable to damage.

Food Plant Floor Coatings

Seamless Urethane Product Guaranteed for 10 Years

Finding a floor coating for your food processing facility that keeps employees safe, limits germs, and provides a clean environment is vital. Our seamless urethane concrete coatings–guaranteed for 10 years–are ideal for food prep and processing facilities. These floor coatings offer many ideal characteristics:




Aesthetically pleasing

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Customized Floor Coating Solutions

Food Prep and Processing

At Superior Floor Coatings, we understand the unique needs of food prep and processing facilities. We will work with you to find a concrete coating solution that creates a barrier for spills, food stains, and scuff marks, while also ensuring it withstands wear and tear. One thing that makes our floor coating systems unique, is that we cater our solutions to suit your specific application. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

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