Industrial Floor Coatings

Update Your Industrial Facility's Flooring

Update Your Industrial Facility's Flooring

Install new industrial floor coatings in Dundee, Canton, New Philadelphia, Akron & Massillon, OH

Does your facility's floor take forever to clean? Is it worn out or stained? It's official: you need a better floor.

In Dundee, Canton, New Philadelphia, Akron & Massillon, OH, Superior Floor Coatings, LLC installs superior floor coatings. We can add industrial floor coatings.

Take advantage of our floor coatings

Call 330-473-7372 right away for a free estimate. We'll discuss your facility, your flooring needs and how a floor coating can work for you.

Our industrial floor coatings are:

  • Durable: It's much sturdier than many other flooring materials. It can stand up to heavy use, foot traffic and machinery.
  • Stain-resistant: Floor coating can protect your flooring from stains. We even use it in auto shops, where it's exposed to oils and chemicals. It's a great concrete floor coating.
  • Easy to clean: You don't have to invest in special cleaning equipment. You can easily clean floor coating.
  • Seamless: Because floor coatings don't have seams, like pieces of tile or cement, it doesn't trip people or impede moving equipment.

Think of how you could take advantage of each of these features. For example, you could drastically reduce cleaning expenses. You could cover an easily stained concrete floor with a low-maintenance concrete floor coating. Our floor coatings will make a difference you can appreciate.