Protect Your Warehouse Flooring in Dundee, Canton, Wooster, New Philadelphia or Akron, OH

Install a heavy-duty warehouse floor coating with Superior Floor Coatings

Your warehouse flooring needs to stand up to heavy use without wearing out. Superior Floor Coatings, LLC of Dundee, Canton, Wooster, New Philadelphia and Akron, OH can improve your floor's durability. We can install a strong warehouse floor coating. Call 330-473-7372 now to request coating for your warehouse flooring.

Learn how we'll install your floor coating

Learn how we'll install your floor coating

We'll install a warehouse floor coating in several steps. First, we'll prepare your floor so that the coating sets in properly. Next, we'll fix any uneven or damaged parts to smooth out the surface.

We'll spread your coating across the floor to make sure it's smooth. After the warehouse floor coating cures, we'll add a top coat. You can choose a top coat that suits your warehouse, like a chemical-resistant top coat.

The finished floor will look even, glossy and smooth. It will also feel textured for comfortable, slip-free walking. To get started on your warehouse floor coating application work, reach out to us today.