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Do you need a floor coating that can stand up to heavy use? Superior Floor Coatings, LLC of Dundee, Canton, Wooster, New Philadelphia and Akron, OH can install residential or commercial floor coatings for you. Call 330-473-7372 today for a free estimate.

Food Prep & Processing

Protect the floor of your food preparation or processing space.

Food Prep & Processing


Hire Superior Floor Coatings to add a floor coating in your warehouse.


Commercial Floor Coatings

Install a floor coating in your office, kitchen or shop in Dundee, Canton OH.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings

Improve your industrial facility by putting a floor coating in place.

Industrial Floor Coatings
Why should you work with Superior Floor Coatings?

Why should you work with Superior Floor Coatings?

You might be ready to install a floor coating, but why trust Superior Floor Coatings to install it? Home and business owners throughout the area choose us because:

  • We're floor coatings specialists
  • We have more than six years of experience
  • We choose high-quality materials and equipment to install great coatings
  • All crew members are certified and trained

You'll love working with our dependable team on your floor coatings project.



5 things to know about floor coatings

If you're looking at several different flooring options for your residential or commercial space, why not consider floor coatings? Floor coatings can help you take advantage of your existing floors without breaking the bank.

Here are five important things to know about our floor coatings:

1. Walking on it is comfortable.

Floor coatings look smooth and shiny, but it has a textured surface to keep you from slipping.

2. It's sturdy.

We create floor coatings, like food processing floor coatings or industrial floor coatings, to withstand heavy use. We even offer thermal shock flooring that won't get damaged by sudden heat.

3. It's stain-resistant.

Floor coatings makes a good protectant for auto shop flooring or warehouse flooring.

4. We can make it chemical-resistant.

We can add a top coat to your industrial or commercial floor coatings to protect it from chemicals.

5. Our floor coating is low-maintenance.

We recommend keeping it clean or cleaning it on a regular basis. It may eventually require a fresh top coat application.

To learn more about the perks of picking floor coatings, contact us now. We'll be happy to answer your questions or talk about our installation process.


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