What floor materials can it be applied to?

The most common substrate epoxy floor coatings are applied to is concrete. However, it can also be applied to wood and ceramic tile, once properly prepared with a primer suitable for the specific substrate. When applying epoxy floor coatings to concrete, it must first be prepared through grinding or shotblasting.

Is the floor slippery?

Specific textures can be achieved to meet the desired slip resistance. However, if the floor is wet or oily it may become slippery. You want to use care to ensure that your floor stays dry and safe.

How does water and chemicals affect the floor?

Except for possibly making the floor slippery, there is little else water does to affect your flooring. You certainly do not have to worry about any long-term effects from water on your epoxy floor coating. Other chemicals, such as paint thinners and acetone, can cause problems for your floor if you do not clean them up or properly treat them. If you will be using chemicals, we can apply a topcoat that best matches the chemical resistance needed. Even if your floor is treated with a topcoat, if you do spill a solvent of some kind, do not wait too long to wipe it up.

Will salt harm the floor?

Not only will your epoxy floor coating put up with salt, this is one of the best ways to winterize your garage and overcome the effects that water and salt can have on your concrete floor.

How long will the coating last?

There is no way to put a specific number on how long your epoxy floor coating will last, due to the large number of variables. It will depend on the amount of traffic and which system is installed. Keeping your floor clean can significantly increase the life of your epoxy floor coating.

Does it require maintenance?

There is very little maintenance required of an epoxy floor coating. Sweep it every day and mop it once per week from spring to fall. During the harsh winters of Ohio, when we are tracking in more salt, you may want to sweep and mop a little more frequently, just to keep it looking great. If the coating gets dull, a reapplication of the topcoat can be applied if you so desire.