Bakery Floor Coatings

Flooring for Bakeries and Confectionaries

Quality Floor Coatings for Bakery Facilities

Bakery floor coatings are key to your operations—just as critical as having the right layout and the best equipment. When you are working with many loose materials and powders like flour, grains, sugar, and water, you need floors that are easy to clean and slip-resistant. The best bakery flooring solutions will be maintainable, durable, and ideal for both wet and dry areas of your facility. We can customize a bakery flooring solution that will protect your employees, improve employee productivity, and decrease sanitation costs.

Bakery Floor Coatings

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Whether a bakery employee is sweeping up a dry material spill or doing daily intensive cleaning and sanitizing, it is important that the flooring is easily and quickly cleanable. Otherwise, productivity can suffer.

Our floor coatings for bakeries, confectionaries, and other food preparation facilities offers the following qualities:

· Durability
· Antimicrobial
· Anti-slip
· Abrasion-resistant

· Protection against mold and bacteria growth

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Customized Bakery Flooring Solutions

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