Quartz System Floor Coatings

Extremely Durable Quartz System Flooring

Floor Coatings Designed for Tough Environments

Whether you need flooring for a high-traffic area in a busy medical facility or commercial restaurant kitchen, or you need highly slip-resistant flooring for your pool deck, quartz system floor coatings can be ideal. These floor coatings are built for tough environments and offer extreme durability and chemical resistance. Quartz systems perform in harsh conditions: The multilayer flooring system delivers strength and slip resistance—plus a stylish look. Find out if making a long-term investment in a quartz system is right for your flooring needs.

Decorative Quartz and Epoxy Flooring

Visually Appealing and Durable

This decorative 5-coat flooring system consists of decorative quartz and epoxies with a urethane topcoat. It’s perfect for achieving a decorative look that is extremely durable under medium to heavy traffic. It meets USDA, FDA, and OHSAA requirements, is easy to clean, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and low-maintenance. The anti-slip texture is perfect for pool decks, locker rooms, restrooms, commercial kitchens, kennels, medical facilities, and so much more.

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